What to wear to paintball

Paintball is one of the active games that will cheer up each of your team. This game is famous for its gelatin bullets, which break easily when hit and leave paint on your uniform. Therefore, if you are going to play paintball, we strongly recommend that you do not wear shorts or a T-shirt. And be sure to warn your friends before the game that the clothes under the uniform should also cover the body. Usually paintball is played on the street and that is why players often have some kind of damage. Therefore, we want to share with you useful information about clothes in which you will be comfortable and safe.

What to wear for Face and Head Protection

The face is considered one of the most frequently injured places during the game. All because many simply neglect the mask and believe that it will only interfere with them, but they are mistaken! From a great distance, this ball may not bring much damage, but for sure an abrasion and paint on the face will not bring much joy.

There are a huge number of ways to hide your head from paint balls. For example, a mask that covers the face completely may be perfect for you. In this case, you will see everything perfectly, and the air will flow to you through the grid near the nose and mouth. Also, in order to protect your head, you can wear a cap that is completely covered with small holes. The probability that someone will get into your head is small, but it is still there.

What to wear for upper body protection

Naturally, a tight jacket under the suit and even in the summer will add only discomfort to you. Therefore, we want to advise you to wear under the bottom a few thin sweaters made of knitwear or any other material that allows air to pass through. If you decide to wear a T-shirt under the bottom, it will be quite unpleasant for you to feel the impact of a bullet. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you wear a couple of layers of light long-sleeved T-shirts.

What to wear for lower body protection

The lower part of the body is at great risk of environmental damage. For example, rocks, sticks, bushes, or insect bites can easily harm you when you’re on the move. You need to constantly look under your feet, which during the game is bad to do. But to prevent this from ever happening, you just need to wear clothes that will completely cover your body. Regardless of where the game takes place indoors or outdoors, we recommend wearing thick pants under the bottom of the uniform or a pair of thin pants. But in no case should it be shorts or any other clothing that does not completely cover the legs.

Camo Coveralls

A camouflage suit is the main clothing that will help you not to be in the field of view of other participants. If the game takes place on the street, then it is much easier to hide from the opponent. Trees, bushes, foliage will merge with the camouflage suit and make you less noticeable. Sometimes snipers choose a suit covered with leaves and grass for a better camouflage result. Also, it is advisable to wear protection for the chest and back over the suit, because injuries are not only on the arms or legs. And do not forget that for paintball it is better to wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.

Protect your hands

Paintball gloves differ from regular gloves in that they do not have fingers. That’s because it’s easier to feel how you pull the trigger, and just hold the gun. When choosing gloves, pay attention to the material of manufacture. In the palm area, the glove should be rubber, and in front of the joints should be closed with the same dense and impenetrable material.

Footwear to wear for paintball

You can forget about shoes with open fingers. Wherever you are, indoors, outdoors, open shoes will not suit you. If you decide to wear sneakers indoors, then it can be safe. But if the conversation is about the street, where there may be dirt, sticks, stones, and then probably you will need already high boots that will hold tightly on your feet.

To sum up, we want to remind you that your health is in your hands. In such an active game as paintball, you will get an incredible amount of positive emotions, but despite this, anything can happen during the game. Therefore, we recommend that you wear clothes in which you will be comfortable and safe.

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