Best Paintball Night Vision Gadgets

Probably everyone has heard about this kind of sports entertainment as paintball. This is quite an extreme game and its essence is that a member of one team hits a participant from another team with a small ball of paint. Gelatin balls are stored in the tube and are broken when they hit any obstacle. As a matter of fact, the maximum departure speed of the ball is 300 feet inn second. If the marker (weapon) is close to the player, it can harm him, so the minimum distance between the shooter and the victim should be at least 65 feet. The player must be dressed in a special uniform (jersey and trousers) as well as in elbow pads, knee pads, protection for the neck and head. Paintball is a very good option to have a great time in a large company, but it is very important to protect yourself and others.

In order to add an extreme to paintball, you can play at night with poor visibility. It is for such cases that night vision gadgets for paintball were created. There are a huge number of them and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will analyze in detail some types, and then you can choose the most suitable gadget for you.

Best Paintball Night Vision Gadgets

Naturally, in such an active game, safety and convenience are very important therefore, consider all kinds of options for night vision gadgets.

To begin with, consider one of the most popular gadgets – monocular. It does not belong to the convenient devices during the game, but some still choose it. All because the prices for this product are more affordable, and it is much easier to find it than, for example, glasses.

The functionality of this device is small. The monocular can record video even with a resolution of 720p, save it to a memory card, after which you can view it again and share it on social networks. Video recording can be done at a distance of about 1,000 feet. This type of gadget is easily susceptible to contamination, as a result of which it may not work properly or completely break.

The second place in popularity in the choice of buyers is occupied by night vision sights. A good feature of such a gadget is the equipment of an infrared illuminator. This will allow the device to work at any time of the day or night. It is important to take into account that during an active game it is most convenient to use glasses with a mount on the head using a helmet or other fastening system. Such devices are often waterproof in contrast to the monocular and allow you to work quietly in the wilderness.

Please note that when the backlight is turned on, the duration of the gadget is reduced by more than 2 times. Usually the memory card is 32 GB, and the shooting quality can reach 960p with an HD image. Also, the “digital zoom” function is sure to be needed in an active paintball game, especially if it will take place at night. So, it will be easier to consider the object you need at a distance in more detail, and it is the glasses that will be able, like no one else, to do it qualitatively.

A very good assistant during the game for you can be a sight. He, like no one, will make it easier for you to accurately hit the opponent and will never hurt you. Like all the others, it is attached to the body of the marker.

Also, for a game of paintball you can approach a telescope. Why is it convenient? Usually they are fixed on the helmet, and in order for the fastening to be durable, pay attention to the material of manufacture. If it is made of plastic, we do not recommend buying and even more so using it, it is better to choose a mount made of solid, durable metal, and then it will not let you down at the wrong time.

There is a huge number of mounts on helmets for HB devices. The main task of all fasteners is strength. Accordingly, it is very important from what material it is made, and what its manufacturer is. Based on this, it is necessary to remind that before each purchase of goods, pay attention to its manufacturer, all the description and reviews about the product.


Don’t forget about your safety and participants during the game. Such a game as paintball is dangerous because it takes place either in the forest in a certain area, or in any other, in the fresh air. A collision of participants may occur, as a result of which the night vision gadget may also suffer. Also remember about the proper storage of the device, that such things should be tried to be stored as far as possible from water and in its specially designated cover.

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