Airsoft Gear

To begin with, we want to tell you about the game of airsoft. This is a fairly popular sports game among those who adore extreme. If you compare it with paintball, then you can find certain differences. For example, as we know, the role of a bullet in paintball is a gelatin ball with paint, which breaks when it collides with any obstacle. But the airsoft uses a 0.23-inch ball made of plastmas containing nothing. In practice, biodegradable balls or fluorescent balls for night games can be used very rarely.

Despite the huge variety of balls, the main part of the game is the equipment. We will consider all kinds of protection for you, which can protect your body from injury.

Essential Airsoft Gear

During the game, there is a high probability of injury to the face, aspecially the eyes. Unfortunately, most of the players neglect such an element of equipment as points. At best, a bruise or slight damage may remain on the face, but we still strongly recommend you take care of the safety of your face. And to increase the level of protection, you can choose another equipment option – a mask. It will help to exclude contact with the teeth, nose, cheeks and naturally eyes.

The next important element of equipment is weapons. It is very important in this game to choose high-quality and convenient weapons for you. As a rule, airsoft uses exclusively soft pneumatics, which works with the help of a compressed air or a gas mixture.

For example, consider weapons with electro-traumatic drive. These are machine guns, pistols and sniper rifles. Accordingly, such a weapon works by means of an electric motor powered by an accumulator. As an option, gas weapons are still sometimes used. Usually in their role are pistols or shotguns, and the shot occurs due to gas pressure, thereby pushing the ball out of the barrel. The gas can be either carbon dioxide or consisting of a mixture of butane and propane stored in a magazine on the bottom or in the hilt of a gun. But if the game takes place indoors, then it is undesirable to use high-power gas. You will have enough and medium to accurately hit the opponent. If your weapon is cheap and made of insufficiently strong material, then the high power of the gas can also damage your weapon due to the strong gas pressure when fired.

It is important to remember that if your weapon is powerful enough, then you can use heavier balls and not lose the accuracy of the shot. But if you still want to play it safe and definitely do not doubt the accuracy of the hit, you can choose certain devices such as a sight and lasers. They give a significant advantage over the enemy. It is important before you buy a device, check it for compliance with the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, and also see how the device behaves in operation.

Clothing and its color is of great importance in airsoft. Being in an area with a large number of plants, you have the opportunity to be less noticeable. Camouflage clothing will perfectly help you with this. Also quite often you can see protective suits completely covered with leaves and grass. Such costumes are perfect for snipers who do not want to be in sight. But for an ordinary player, it is enough to wear a special camouflage uniform. It is enough to hide among trees and bushes.

An important element of protection is gloves. They perform a very important function – hand safety. With all this, gloves will help you prevent the weapon from sliding in your hands and allow you to control it. It is very important to hide your hands, because they are one of the most frequently affected areas. Gloves will perfectly protect you from minor injuries during the game (abrasions, cuts). That is why special airsoft gloves are used to protect the hands with forced protection of the areas, the hit of which is most sensitive.

Summing up, we want to advise you to take care of your health. Remember that the quality of weapons, special uniforms and other details of body protection can both positively and negatively affect it. Do not neglect your health! Store the weapon correctly, and best of all put it in a special case. Before buying, be sure to check the product for its serviceability and pay attention to the characteristics provided by the manufacturer. We hope that we were able to help you in choosing the best airsoft equipment.

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